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Important Considerations for Developing Physician Websites

April 2, 2014

A great website takes a lot of work to design, implement and maintain – and they are critical today. Your patients not only expect your practice to have one, but expect that the information they want and need will be there, whether it is a patient portal that enables them to schedule appointments, get a prescription refilled, check on lab and test results, pay their bill online or find office hours and locations.

A physician website should include:
• An up-to-date look and design that is visually attractive and compelling
• A site that is responsive so that it is easy to view on different devices
• Graphics and videos that are compatible and come up quickly (no Flash)
• A content management system (CMS) that allows you to make copy and photo changes
• Short, easy-to-grasp and grammatically correct content broken up by subheads and bullets that make it easy for healthcare consumers to scan the content (hint: no one reads long blocks of copy anymore)
• Information that is well organized and easy to find so that viewers don’t have to search for what they need
• Pages that load quickly – generally in two seconds or less
• Use of good search engine optimization (SEO) practices so that your site ranks higher on search engines and shows up earlier on pages – most consumers do not look beyond the first, and sometimes the second page, of search results
• The ability to work across different browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Foxfire, etc.)

Today, your medical practice is judged not only by the health care you deliver, but also by your website. Most people initially research your site before they ever decide to make an appointment. And, while they are researching your practice, they are also researching others that offer the same services. It’s a given that they will compare your website to others to get a sense of what you offer and how information is presented.

The professionalism of your website and how it engages current and prospective patients is a reflection of your practice. Make it the front door that warmly welcomes patients.

How Some Physicians are Using Facebook.

January 27, 2010

I was flipping through my wall updates on Facebook yesterday and came across one that really caught my eye. It was from a pediatrician at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center. Her status simply said that she was grateful for patient patients because it’s been a busy sick season.

I am pretty sure we’ve all sat and waited and waited and waited to see a physician before. But it was really nice to see that she knows people are waiting to see her.

Along the same line, Debra received a thread from a physician practice in Vidalia, Georgia last week. One of their staff members used Facebook to ask patients what they wanted from their physician practice. In a matter of hours, they received about 20 responses. Most of the patients said they didn’t mind waiting but wanted staff and physicians to treat them nicely and respectfully. That’s a pretty inexpensive fix.

So what’s the takeaway?

A Facebook fan page for a medical practice can be a great way for physicians to take a pulse on patient satisfaction. Or to simply say I’m sorry there’s been a wait lately. What other ways is your medical practice or hospital utilizing Facebook?

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