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Super Bowl Commercial MVPs

February 8, 2010

This image provided by Doritos shows part of an ad submitted by one of six finalists in the fourth annual Doritos "Crash the Super Bowl" challenge. (AP Photo/Doritos)

The day after the Super Bowl is like Christmas day for ad professionals. Today we recollect and dissect the Super Bowl commercials from last night. We usually talk about our favorites in the hallway or by the coffee maker but this is the Internet age. This year, we’ll congregate on the blog.

Melissa says the Doritos spots did a great job of portraying the fanaticism of their audience. Her favorite and Dean’s, too, was the House Rules spot. “One, keep your hands off my mama. Two, keep your hands off my Doritos.” Remind me to watch out for a Dorito in the neck from Speir this afternoon.

As much as the Dr. Pepper spot made him happy because it brought Mini Kiss to the masses, Denny’s owned the Super Bowl for Andrew. He says he understood and retained exactly what they wanted him to (free Grand Slam Tuesday, Feb. 9 and on your birthday) and their spots were entertaining to boot. “In space, no one can hear chickens scream.”

For Amy this year is was all about who made her laugh. She loved the Dodge Charger ad, Man’s Last Stand because it was so relatable and the Punch Buggy ad with Stevie Wonder.

Liz agreed, picking the Man’s Last stand ad and the dog’s revenge ad from Doritos as her top picks.

Anyone who knows me probably knows my favorite: the Google Love Story ad. I loved it first because it was smart. It didn’t rely on special effects to make a point and talk about showcasing the product. Then, the ending. Just a great spot in my book and only a caveman could forget who the spot was for.

Which was your favorite?

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