Brands Living Big


I saw a tweet about Chick-fil-A’s self-proclaimed Cow Appreciation Day a few weeks back. The tweet led to this AdAge interview with Marketing Exec David Salyers where the usual questions came up. When will you start opening on Sundays? They won’t. And what is it with those cows? They started as an off-strategy billboard idea.


I have been a long-time fan of the cows and their egregious spelling for years. Created by The Richards Group in 1995, the cows are everywhere Chick-fil-a is: in their ads and TV spots, at the Chick-fil-A Bowl, on Twitter at @EatMorChikin, on their annual calendar, on cups and to-go bags. And, apparently, they almost never came to be. Interesting.

But the educationally-challenged cows have new competition in my heart from a suave, young spokesman.

Scaling the brand idol category, both bare-handed and shirtless, is the Old Spice Guy created by Weiden + Kennedy. He’s making hilarious commercials, one dissected here (especially interesting if you are “into” production). The Old Spice Guy is tweeting  personalized videos, too. Here’s one he made for Apolo Anton Ohno  and another for a guy named Kevin.

The cows and the Old Spice guy are ways big advertisers have taken their brand and brought it to life all over the place. Like on a horse.

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One Response to “Brands Living Big”

  1. Julie Turner Says:

    Finally got around to looking at a late July Mediaweek magazine that had these Nielsen stats for Old Spice’s body wash line. Overall sales are up 11% in the last 12 months, up 27% in the last six months, up 55% in the last three months and up 107% in the past month. And Red Zone sales are up, too. Not too shabby.

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