Social Media Listening


One of the greatest benefits of social media participation is the opportunity it gives you to listen. Listen to what “fans” are saying about your business and industry. Listen to customers’ (and potential customers’) topics of interest at any given time. Listen to understand what’s working in the market and what isn’t. Listen to what competitors are saying and what’s being said about them.

All you have to do to open your ears is activate an account. This listening phase is a perfect entrance to social media efforts. It’s time to grasp the opportunities and etiquette of social media such as Facebook and Twitter if you’re unfamiliar with them. Time to activate free tools such as Google alerts. Time to develop a social media strategy and processes for resolution before going “live” with your efforts.

Radian 6 has a great eBook on activating a social media effort.

Rather than hitting the ground tweeting, take a few weeks to stretch, warm up and acclimate to new media. This readying phase will likely uncover activists and detractors alike as well as what’s being said about you or your competitors.

That knowledge is a great foundation to build social media efforts upon.

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6 Responses to “Social Media Listening”

  1. Careers In Social Media Says:

    My pal indicated I’d possibly like that weblog. Your dog once was completely right Careers In Social Media. This text absolutely designed my personal evening. A person can not think about basically exactly how a lot time period I had created used for this info! Many thanks!

  2. social media monitoring tools Says:

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  3. Teresa Basich Says:

    Hi there Julie,

    Thanks so much for sharing our ebook! Listening is definitely the first step to any social media program, but I’d also add to that: absorbing. Listen and absorb the information that you’re aggregating, make sure that you digest what you’re hearing and glean insights from it. Information is useless without interpretation, right?

    Hopefully the tips we’ve provided in that ebook will give people some ideas as to how to actively listen and make sense of what’s being said about them online. And if nothing’s being said at all? That’s okay, too — there are greater industry discussions happening all around us, and they’re worth listening to and getting involved in.

    Thanks, again! We really appreciate it. 🙂


    Teresa Basich
    Community Manager, Radian6
    Twitter: @TeresaBasich

    • Julie Turner Says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Teresa. You are right. Many people we talk to are overwhelmed by social media and don’t know where to start. Listening and absorbing are the first bite.

  4. 40deuce Says:

    Excellent advice. Everyone is quick to want to jump into the conversation when entering into the social media world, but jumping in head first isn’t always teh wisest decision. It pays to use that head to listen to whats going on in social media around your brand, your competitors and your sector first so that you don’t jump in blindly to a shallow rocky spot.
    Great advice.

    – Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

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