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A company’s brand is fragile. On the grand scale, it can be severely damaged by a bad event – i.e BP. But, it can be equally destructive on a very small scale.

I recently had a sales rep knock on my door selling home security systems. This was not the “big one” that everyone knows, so they were trying to make their mark by offering a fairly comprehensive system for free as long as you put their sign out front. I was very interested. I had been considering getting a system since I moved in two years ago. When he stopped by I was on my way out, so I asked him to come by in two days, on Thursday, when I would have more time.

Thursday comes and goes and he doesn’t show. Friday, I’m packing up to leave town for the weekend when he stops by and I tell him again this isn’t a good time, come back Monday. I was already getting a little irked because he told me he had not stopped by Thursday because they were installing two systems in the area. This didn’t sit right with me since I don’t see why the sales rep would have anything to do with installation.

Well, that was the last I saw of him. He has yet to return, but it doesn’t matter now. This security company is off my list. I consider trust and reliability to be the top values in a security company, and this sales rep displayed little of both. To me, a sales rep is an extension of a company. So, if he comes back, thanks, but no thanks.

I think this is a perfect example of how even strong brands can sabotage themselves. The easily protected pieces of a brand such as a logo or tagline are a small part of an overall brand image. A company’s reputation and products or services are paramount, and they are always exposed.

It would be wise to evaluate all of your company’s “touch points”, like sales reps, to ensure their actions and intentions ring true with your brand values and message. Doubly wise if a touch point is entrusted with your brand’s first impression with consumers.

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