Transcendent Marketing is in Bloom


Have you heard about the steak-scent-spilling billboard our grocery-chain neighbors to the north, Bloom, have posted? Chances are that you have.

After all, it was on the front page of our local Columbia newspaper yesterday even though we’re 90 miles from Charlotte. This morning it was featured on NPR. It’s on the Huffington Post, ABC News, Chicago Tribune, Twitter, Facebook – it’s everywhere. (Google “Steak scented billboard and you get 22,300 results.)

That’s what makes it such a great board.

Bloom’s daring creative transcended outdoor’s traditional drive-by audience and generated hundreds of thousands of impressions in other media. And did I mention that all of those impressions were free?

That’s what great creative does. It breaks the bounds of its media space to become infinitely more valuable to the advertiser.

Will I ever smell the pepper and charcoal fragrance it emits? Probably not.

But, it’s reached me – and hundreds of thousands of other people who will never see the board – dozens of times. And for the first time in years, it has me thinking about, and talking about, Bloom.

I haven’t had a reason to talk about them since, well, that muffin billboard they did a couple years back…

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