CHPRMS Spring Conference & GSHMPR Recap


Friday we headed to the Carolinas Healthcare Marketing and PR Society (CHPRMS) Spring Conference at Great Wolf Lodge in Concord, NC.

 The first session was about growing both your personal brand and company’s. Good takeaways:

  • A healthcare brand is a “trust mark.” How do you demonstrate that your brand is trustworthy?
  • Credibility is a leader’s most prized resource. Even if you’re not the top hospital in your market, do you act like it?
  •  If you’re not working on something that scares the *#$%* out of you, you’re not growing.

A CHPRMS member then gave an inspiring report on her mission trip to provide healthcare in Haiti during the earthquake. CHPRMS surprised her with a check for $1,000 for more aid.  Very touching!

Sessions 2 and 3 focused on consumer research and a national consumer campaign.  Quick points:

  • The economy has made consumers seek more meaningful experiences. Trust is crucial. How is your hospital delivering?
  • AHA research shows hospitals that best demonstrate trust will be best positioned for future growth.
  • What will motivate an audience in pre-contemplative stage (ignorance) regarding healthcare issues? Smart social marketing and intrusive media.

GSHMPR – Day 3

Back at Lake Oconee, the last day of GSHMPR at the Ritz Carlton at Reynolds Plantation highlighted web strategy and making the most of opportunities.

A Georgia hospital is taking advantage of a unique opportunity with a new local TV station to develop health programming.  By partnering with University students and the station, Athens Regional Medical Center is developing a ongoing, 30-minute show on community wellness – including tips to keep you healthier and out of the hospital as well as great personal stories.  The station is soliciting advertisers for the show, creating a win-win-win.

As for website strategery:

  • Nielsen’s #1 rule of Web usability: “99% of the time your users spend online, they spend on sites other than yours.” (And they compare you to everything else.)
  • Understand your audience and listen – ask target audiences/award winners/Web 2.0 leaders what they want from your site.
  • Develop a strategic plan for achieving those goals through social media and other communications channels.
  • 79% of users scan pages, while only 16% read word-by-word (Source:  Use 50% less words than traditional advertising.
  • Physician directory – place links where they’re highly visible and where users opt-in for information.
  • Use web analytics to track results.

Whew!  Three days jam-packed with good info and fun people.  If you attended GSHMPR or CHPRMS, we’d love to hear what your top takeaways were.  Drop us a comment!

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