GSHMPR Recap – Day 2 of Georgia Healthcare Marketing


Today was all about healthcare social media.  Our first session was a good 101 with some nuggets:

  • Remember that beyond connecting, Facebook is good (and cheap) for target advertising.
  • Non-profit hospitals can set up a free call to action to embed on YouTube videos.
  • Does your organization have its own Wikipedia page? Or hi-res pics on Flickr for the media?
  • Embed e-newsletters on YouTube & Podbean for exposure beyond Facebook or Twitter.
  • Direct audiences to a custom (vanity) Facebook URL for your hospital – put it in all marketing like you main site URL.
  • Are you developing custom tabs on Facebook for service lines, news, your Twitter feed, etc?

Session 2 focused on selling social media to all the Doubting Thomases in the organization.  Good points:

  • Define expectations and ROI with the senior team.  ROI may be best tracked on short-term campaigns, not an overall effort.
  • If you aren’t already, search Twitter and other social media sites for people asking for physician recommendations and kindly suggest the hospital physician referral services.
  • 71% of all organizations block social media sites, but staff can (and are) are accessing them via mobile devices, regardless.  Teach them staff to use social media wisely.  One hospital posted flyers with reminders and simple guidelines.
  • Share examples of what consumers saying about your hospital online, as well as traditional feedback channels.
  • Lead a social media workshop for board, senior team, top hospital ambassadors and any doubters.
  • Ask which social media channels your audiences are using – on exit surveys, class registrations, consumer research, etc – to best target your efforts (and help prove value if needed).  

 After a little break, we’ll find out who won this year’s Target Awards!  Stay tuned.

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