GSHMPR – Day 1 of Georgia Healthcare Marketing Conference


While it was tough to be inside on a glorious day on Lake Oconee, two good sessions kicked off the Georgia Society of Healthcare Marketing and PR annual conference. 

The first, Marketing to Men, outlined ideas for targeting the other half, noting:

  • Healthcare is an irrelevant topic to men until 40+ years old.
  • Men do react to an emotional appeal, but open with facts first.
  • During registration for any event, have staff ask if your spouse would be interested in any topics (and draw them in).
  • Some hospitals are having success offering couples screening packages, especially about cardiac and stroke.
  • Guys like high tech – how can best can you play that up?
  • When marketing to men, always appeal to the woman, too.

Which leads me back to: Do we really need to target men?  What do you think?

 Session 2 focused on mobile websites – scaled-down versions of a main hospital website for mobile phone viewing – including:

  • Make sure ER & urgent care info is on your mobile platform. Most people search on their way.
  • Nearly 30% of hospitals surveyed don’t have plans to develop a mobile version (much higher than I thought).
  • Average cost for an external partner to create a mobile website: $11,000.  Usually these are completely different sites and maintained separately from the main site.
  • E-community has pregnancy text message program on its mobile website (great for hospitals promoting women’s services)
  • Northshore Long Island Jewish Hospital has a mobile option to share your location while en route.  Imagine sharing “baby’s on the way” or “headed to emergency surgery”!
  • Beth Israel Deaconess and Scott White Healthcare each have developed multiple iPhone apps. Some have Blackberry apps due to high physician adoption. Be sure to check which browsers use your mobile site the most. Our audience is seeing mostly iPhone and Blackberry but Droid and iPad numbers are rising quickly and may require site adjustments.

After that, we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with a margarita (or two) as the sun set over the lake, followed by the Ritz’s nightly custom of s’mores by the fire pit.  Can Day 2 top that?!

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    I enjoyed reading this blog post

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    Sure thing. Great conference & good info. Look into attending next year:

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