An Absorbing Conversation about U by Kotex


Last week I wrote the following post and then promptly let it molder on my desktop:

Each year we have a million conversations here that start with, “Have you seen the <insert horrible/clever commercial for brand/product here>?” But one meeting I had with Tim, Jeff and Dean recently got off to a different start.

Me: “Hey, did any of you guys watch Glee last night? There was a spot….”

Tim and Jeff snicker. As I too-slowly realize I am likely the only Glee watcher in the room, Dean excitedly bellows, “that cool tampon commercial?!”

The commercial was for U by Kotex. Here’s another one. See what you think. I think they are right on time.

And there the poor post sat. Until the new Mediaweek came.

Barbara Lippert’s review of U by Kotex reminded me why this particular brand is going to resonate with young chicks and even old hens like me. Kotex has taken aim on the absurdity of previous tampon advertising and, refreshingly, included themselves as an offender, too.

JWT delivered a knockout campaign for U by Kotex that is even more honest and straightforward than the Dove Real Beauty efforts. Why? Because it talks about something that no one wants to talk or hear about much less see in action.

We can talk beauty products all day and no one starts getting squirmy or red in the face. The women’s sanitary category has been mired in a corner of 1971 wearing a crocheted poncho and reading a dog-eared copy of Judy Blume’s Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret.

JWT reached for higher ground with this one and delivered a more honest, new era of advertising. On behalf of all women, I say thanks to Kimberly-Clark, Kotex and the creative brains at JWT.

You broke the cycle.

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2 Responses to “An Absorbing Conversation about U by Kotex”

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    […] Celebrations. Conversations. Nike […]

  2. kdawn Says:

    remember geritol…”my wife …i think i’ll keep her?……..or thank god it’s not the
    ” i’m not feeling so fresh…” thank you kimberly clark!!

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