27 Things You Don’t Know About Karis Hallman.


Life's less like a box of chocolates and more like a bag of corndogs for Karis.

This month, Karis Hallman celebrates her 27th year at The Adams Group. In all those years of late-night press checks and pencil breaking estimating sessions, we’ve learned a lot about Karis. Like these 27 things you probably don’t know. Enjoy!

  1. She drives or rides in an antique car in the Calhoun Falls Christmas parade every year.
  2. She is the adoptive mom to many, very lucky four-legged children.
  3. She was a cheerleader at Eau Claire High School.
  4. Her favorite holiday is Halloween.
  5. She usually has a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter in her office.
  6. She’s been to Brussels, twice.
  7. She a rabid Gamecock fan and has a PhD in tailgating.
  8. She started at The Adams Group as a graphic designer.
  9. She has an accessory for every major holiday and most of them blink or make noise.
  10. She prefers the Pronto Pup and leaves the fair with an entire bagful of them every year.
  11. She enjoys Amy’s Pilates classes or pretends to, we’re not sure which.
  12. She once had horses that smiled a lot. We can’t tell you why.
  13. She used to drive a copper 280ZX.
  14. She’d rather be at the lake, at Murrell’s Inlet or at your house eating snacks.
  15. Whether it’s midnight or a major holiday, she can get a Heidelberg cranking.
  16. Her pimento cheese recipe rivals both Paula Deen’s and Augusta National’s.
  17. She is a Columbia College graduate.
  18. She enjoys long bike rides with her hubby, Jimmy.
  19. She wants both halves of the donut, but only takes one at a time.
  20. She has more fans than Nickelback.
  21. She is a patron saint of St. Patty’s in Five Points and Sherlock’s Pub.
  22. She is not color blind and appreciates Goldschläger as much as purple hooters.
  23. She can do a proper pushup given the right motivation.
  24. She’s a wonderful and giving caretaker for both her and Jimmy’s parents.
  25. In her world, drinking beer and an enjoyable day on the lake are one in the same.
  26. She’s the lone customer of the in-office M+M machine.
  27. We can’t imagine The Adams Group without her.

This post was greatly enhanced by the clever minds of Amy Carter, Paula Mallory, Debra Branson, Andrew Evans, Sue Watson and Jeff Davis.

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3 Responses to “27 Things You Don’t Know About Karis Hallman.”

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  2. Tommy Shealy Says:

    I knew 4 of the things I didn’t know. I would have guessed the bike riding with Hubby, being good with the parents and in laws. Didn’t know about the Christmas parade but I’m willing to be dollars to doughnuts (both halves) she drives a green ’56 Chevy Belair hardtop straight drive with the shifter on the column. I have no idea what a “Heidelberg” is but I did have a son born there.
    Congradulations 2 years late:

  3. Dean Bryant Says:

    Karis rules! (If I could write it in spray paint I would)

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