Right Customer, Right Moment, Right Message


© 2010 Cooper River Bridge Run

As I froze at the start of the Cooper River Bridge Run last weekend, I found myself theorizing about the value of the hordes of people milling about waiting for the gun.

For starters, anyone who is out before the sun waiting with 40,000 other people in 43 degree, windy weather to run (or walk) six miles across a massive bridge is dedicated.

These people invest money in something they love. $30 or $40 entry fee for the run. $75 for a pair of running shoes. Multiply that by 40,000 and that’s a boatload of cash.

For some companies, the exposure of being an event sponsor or having a sample in the runner’s packet would have very little impact. But taking the right product/message to a finely targeted, engaged audience like the one I was standing in could be a tsunami for some products or companies.

How hard are you trying to reach your best customers? And when you do reach them, is what you have to say or offer going to send them running in another direction?

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