Is The Money Really That Important?


One of our clients finds itself competing against a small unaccredited hospital. One of just a few in the entire state that aren’t accredited. Normally, I wouldn’t think too much about it, but this hospital is owned by doctors! Can you believe that?

What self-respecting doctor would own a hospital and send his/her patients there knowing it isn’t accredited? Well, a greedy one, of course. I can think of only two reasons for not having your hospital accredited – one is you can’t meet the minimum national standards, the other is you just don’t want to spend the money required to meet those standards and go through the process, meaning the doctors want to keep the money for themselves. Neither is good, especially when you’re a doctor sworn to do what’s best for your patients.

My second question is — if a hospital isn’t accredited, how does it stay open? Well, it has to have referring doctors who don’t care and who put money above their patients. There’s that greed thing again.

And another thing, why aren’t payors addressing this? Most say they won’t pay unaccredited hospitals. Do they just not pay that much attention? Or, maybe it is that they don’t care, either.

Consumers need to know these things. They need to know the risk they may face if a hospital isn’t meeting minimum standards of care and infection control. And, their doctors sure aren’t telling them because they don’t want a break in the gravy train.

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