Retail healthcare.


Based on the positive review posted by a friend on Facebook, I decided to try the services of a CVS Minute Clinic yesterday when I came down with what I knew to be a bad sinus infection. Up to this point, I had always gone to my primary care physician for any illness. I knew these retail friendly clinics were part of a growing trend and were expanding in pharmacies like Walgreen’s, Kerr Drug and the pinnacle of retail environments, Walmart. Healthcare consumers seem to like the retail approach when it comes to comfort and convenience.

I want to be clear; I really like my primary care physician. I’ve referred numerous friends and colleagues to his practice. But in this case—when I knew exactly what I had and exactly what I needed—I wanted a more convenient option. I pulled up the nearest Minute Clinic online, and printed out the driving directions right from the CVS site. When I arrived, I entered my basic information in a very user-friendly kiosk which informed me I would be seen next. A very friendly nurse practitioner recorded my symptoms , entered some information and performed a few diagnostic tests. Tests proved what I already knew, I had a nasty sinus infection. She told me the antibiotic she was prescribing and why she chose that particular antibiotic and then she asked me where I want to have my prescription filled. I told her I like to pickup prescriptions where I grocery shop. She put in the grocery pharmacy info without once shilling the CVS that we were sitting in. When I asked about the hard copy of the prescription, she informed me all the data had been sent to my pharmacy electronically. I didn’t even have to keep up with a piece of paper now. The entire process took less than 15 minutes.

The whole clinic-within-a- retail environment is about being patient focused. In this case, it’s focusing on my need for convenience for a minor health issue. It will never take the place of my primary care physician as the source that’s focused on my overall health and well-being.  These clinics do offer a valuable option to the healthcare consumer though.

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