People, helping people help people


If you want to know what drives successful advertising and marketing campaigns today, think pink. With nearly two million views in its first two weeks, the “Pink Gloves Dance” video is a perfect example of today’s best trends: strategic partnerships, new media and transparent creative.

Medline created their line of pink medical procedure gloves to raise breast cancer awareness. And to aid in the effort, they partnered with a Portland, OR, hospital to create an engaging, authentic and very human video, which they distributed through cost-free new media channels – with phenomenal results.

The video spotlights the vibrant staff of St. Vincent’s Medical Center, while also displaying Medline’s generosity and spirit. It even provided a platform for Jay Sean (whose song is featured) to showcase his socially-conscious side.

Together, the efforts of all three parties are helping further breast cancer research and provide mammograms for under- or uninsured women. And, everyone wins.

Which is exactly why this works.

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