CHPRMS Recap – Day 3

First, congrats to the Regional Medical Center and Lake Norman Regional for winning Wallie & Golden Tusk awards last night!  Love to see everyone dressed all snazzy to celebrate great healthcare marketing.
So after sausage biscuits hit the spot this morning, we shared the final session on physician relations with speaker Carolyn Merriman.  Some tidbits:
  • Physician relations is the No. 1 thing that keeps hospital CEOs up at night, yet but hospitals don’t even make the Top 10 for docs.
  • There’s no quick fix for referral patterns – selling cycles can take up to 24 months for an inpatient stay.
  • Hospitals need a strategy, model and staffing structure to make the most of physician relations.  Most don’t have all three.
  • Many hospitals don’t train reps in the “physician as customer” mentality.
  • The national norm is to have a physician liaision in the field about 62% of the time.
  • 64% of hospitals don’t do incentive-based pay for reps because they can’t figure out the best formula.

How does your organization compare?

Asheville’s crisp, mountain air always seems to provide some fresh perspectives – this year on social media, patient experience, internal communications, physician relations and many more. 

My favorite takeaway: If it ain’t working, try the opposite.  I heard it in one breakout session, but I think it applies across so many lessons from this conference.  If corporate speak isn’t moving the needle, try being genuine.  If regular employee channels aren’t generating results, go for novel ones.  If traditional hospital models don’t impact patient experience enough,  re-imagine them.  Kinda powerful.  Already thinking of where to apply that first…

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