CHPRMS Recap – Day 2


Today’s session included a lively panel discussion on healthcare reform followed by a masterclass on patient experience by Henry Ford Healthcare in Michigan. The CEO of their new hospital, a former international hotelier,  is truly visionary.  The entire focus of the facility is being a center for community wellness, not a place for disease (something we’re passionate about as well).

Some interesting points:  

  • Henry Ford set up warehouse of the new hospital & staff walked through to test linens, feng shui of rooms, etc.
  • The mission for hospital was boiled down to 10 words: to take health and healing beyond the boundaries of imagination.
  • Hospital execs took a page from the book Blue Ocean Strategies: be so unique you make competitors irrelevant.
  • They hired people on talent and passion in order to build an emotionally engaged workforce. ( Turnover is 8%)

Novant Health led a great session on employee communications.  Their premise (borrowed from George Costanza of Seinfeld): If it ain’t working, do the opposite.

A few creative ideas presented:

  • Change computer wallpaper and screen savers system-wide to support your campaign.
  • Look for unused real estate – anywhere – to communicate messages.  They used cafeteria tray liners, employee parking gate signs, bathroom stall signs and life-sized cardboard cutouts that popped up & moved around the hospital for a viral aspect.
  • Novant created a website for any hospital to share the same campaign with its own staff – free.
  • They collected those amazing stories of patient care that inspire everyone and created a coffee table book, microsite, blog and many other internal communications.

What internal communications have worked best for you?  How does you organization focus on patient experience?

Tonight, we’ll find out the winners for best healthcare marketing in the Carolinas, and tomorrow will focus on physician relations.  Check back tomorrow for the final update or follow live posts on Twitter via @mspeir or #chprms.


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One Response to “CHPRMS Recap – Day 2”

  1. Julie Turner Says:

    Was it the guy from Novant who said that you’d get at least three ideas from the presentation or he’d give you a foot rub? Brave.

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