Hospitals: Centers for Disease or Centers for Life?


In our most recent Pulse360 survey of insured women across the southeast, only one in five recognized their local hospital as the leader for health and wellness in their community.

What’s that about?

Hospitals are the driving force behind the health of any community, so why aren’t they recognized as such? And, why do the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and even fitness centers score better as leaders in health and wellness locally?

To begin with, it’s because all too many hospitals have let themselves be perceived as centers for disease rather than centers for life. Also, the non-profits have done a better job of promoting themselves and their educational activities.

I think one key to the future of hospitals is to seize that mantle of leadership. A critical aspect of any future healthcare reform will be prevention. Why not be at the forefront of the effort?

A lot of hospitals think they are doing this with their education programs, but leadership is more than educating, it’s doing. Hospitals need to lead – drag, if necessary – their communities into launching programs to fight obesity, diabetes and the host of other life-threatening conditions.

Hospitals are about life. Every day they invest time, expertise and millions of dollars to improve the quality of life in their communities. Now it’s time to take it to the next level.

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