Time for my mammogram.


Up ‘til this week, my biggest experience with a mammogram was this. But now that I am about to turn 40 and have no family history of breast cancer that means it’s time for my first mammogram.

While it’s a seemingly inconsequential milestone, it’s sparked two conversations already this morning.

First, the conversation with my gynecologist. Like many practices, my ob/gyn practice offers mammograms in their office. While I made an appointment for an in-office mammogram next January, I am going to go through the exercise of seeing what my other options are.

Do most consumers do this? My guess is no. It will take time and require phone calls: to my ob/gyn’s office, insurance provider and local facilities that offer mammograms. Once I make a decision, there will be more phone calls to my insurance provider, mammogram provider of choice and then back to my ob/gyn’s office.

When you look at this option, the in-office mammogram seems like a no-brainer. But as I was chatting with Jeff here at work, my motivation to seek out another provider took a different direction.

At first I had the attitude that I would use this milestone for work-related research. I write about healthcare so the more I live it, the better. But as I thought about it, the reality of what is in my hands sharpened.

This is my baseline mammogram. It’s not a research project. It’s something that can help protect me from breast cancer and other breast-related problems. This is the mammogram that my next mammogram will be compared against. It’s what stands against me and breast cancer.

So, although I do appreciate the convenience of that in-office mammogram and it would certainly be easier to do, I am going to do some digging. I want to make sure I am getting the highest quality, best-read mammogram I can get. To me, there’s way too much riding on this mammogram to just take the easy route.

If you’ve had a mammogram or mammograms, what route did you choose? Did you look at different options in mammography or providers?

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2 Responses to “Time for my mammogram.”

  1. CCW Says:

    Ditto. Baptist Breast Center can’t be beat. I’m only 41 and have had multiple procedures with them over the past decade. They are consummate professionals. But, they’re also a bunch of really nice chicks wearing pink who — whether it’s a routine check or a scary situation — just want to make it as easy an experience as possible. And THAT? Is priceless.

  2. copeland Says:

    Doc writes annual ‘script. I call and make appt. with Baptist Breast Center – very easy. In and out in 15 min. They file, check insurance, do leg work, and follow up with my doc. Cakewalk.

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