Are your hospital and services easily accessible?


How easily a patient or caregiver can access your hospital and services contributes to their feelings of satisfaction and customer service. One way many hospitals provide customer service is a central phone number that feeds through a switchboard to get callers to the right people and right services. But with phone calls to the hospital, there can be a disconnect.

A Beryl Institute study noted nearly 60 percent of all calls to hospital switchboards for physician referrals are mishandled. Researchers made five call attempts to each of 341 healthcare facilities saying, “I am new to the area. Can you help me find a doctor?” In this study, just under 40 percent of the callers were successfully connected to a resource, such as a physician service line.

We know good customer service results in higher levels of patient satisfaction and boosts patient retention. Satisfied and loyal patients are strong patient bases for physicians, and fuel the profitable practices that are essential to physician retention.

In today’s connected world, how do you make your doctors and services accessible to a splintered and diverse patient base?

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