It’s Not Always in the Numbers


I just shook my head recently when Jeff Davis, our Director of Media & Research, told me how a newspaper sales rep was hustling him to place a client ad in the Obit section of her paper. Her argument was that more people read the Obits than any other newspaper section. After all, everyone wants as much reach as possible, right?

Just one small problem, though — the client is a hospital. The rep thought it was a no brainer. I agree, there was definitely not one ounce of brain involved in the recommendation.

Who in their right mind would recommend the placement of hospital advertising where it’s surrounded by death? This rep was all about the numbers, but the truth is the big numbers are driving marketing less and less.

Today’s marketing is about highly targeted strategy — in both message and how it’s delivered — that communicates the message so it connects with consumers at a time and in an environment that matters — and conveys the brand promise.

I don’t know about you, but death doesn’t convey a hospital brand promise to me.

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