You’re on Facebook and Twitter – now what?


Social media success can depend on how you use it.

In a rush to establish a social media presence, it’s easy to forget to clearly identify goals and who you want to reach. Patients? Internal audiences? Donors? Recruits? Like other marketing efforts, it’s best to focus on just one or two.

If finding the right balance of information and personality is proving tricky, you may want to start with 70 percent content, 30 percent fun and 0 jargon – then tweak to find what works best.

For hospitals, social media is another great channel for promoting dialogue and fostering relationships, especially among patient communities. Some ideas:

  • Share specific tips and health reminders (Seeing lots flu cases in the ED – it’s not too late to get shots)
  • Ask for ideas for the next newsletter, hospital amenities or pending expansion
  • Share great patient stories, including photos or video
  • Solicit questions for audio conferences or Lunch & Learns with physicians
  • Listen and respond to feedback
  • A little bragging on awards and quality measures can go a long way

For more ideas, check out what other hospitals are doing in social media. Ed Bennett with the University of Maryland Medical System has a great list.

What ideas or posts are getting the most feedback from your audiences?

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