The New Sound of Word of Mouth


If you ask a hundred businessmen how best to market using social media such as Twitter or Facebook, they’ll all probably tell you something different. Except for a few who just shrug their shoulders.

This is because the industry magazines and websites keep saying that social media is forever changing marketing and advertising. But, I couldn’t disagree more.

You see, in principle, social media has been around forever. Because at its core, it’s just good ol’ word of mouth.

Seriously. It’s just people having conversations with other people. And that’s always happened. Only now, it’s happening on a computer. And if you believe that the most powerful marketing tool is word of mouth, well then that tool just became infinitely more powerful.

Think about it. Rather than having your customer tell a few friends about the great experience she had at your store/hospital/restaurant, she’s now posting it to hundreds of Facebook friends.

Of course the exact same thing will happen if you really disappoint her. So, you’d better be good at what you do.

This is why we all need to embrace the opportunity social media has given us. It’s not changing advertising so much as it’s raising the importance of quality products and services. It’s providing us the opportunity to make our products, services and interactions better than they’ve ever been before – and to be rewarded for it.

So, how do you best market using social media? It’s simple: give your customers something exceptional, something worth talking about. Then, you sit back and let the digital word-of-mouth do its thing.

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3 Responses to “The New Sound of Word of Mouth”

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    […] media brand loyalty is a different, more powerful version of brand loyalty. Andrew had a great blog post earlier this year about word of mouth. The basic gist being that if you do good things and provide […]

  2. Brandon Says:

    Well, I’m going to write to all my friends in my address book. Then I’m going to seal my letters with a wax emblem for good measure. Does anyone know of a reliable pony express?

  3. Julie Says:

    I am going to go tell my Facebook friends what you said. Then I’m going to tweet it for good measure.

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