When cancer hits home.

Photo courtesy of 200 Joules

Photo courtesy of 200 Joules

We write a lot about healthcare. We talk to patients, nurses and many, many doctors. While most physicians are kind and courteous, there are a few that hold a very, very special place in our hearts.

Like Arthur Chaney, at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center.

He is an incredible radiation oncologist and all around cool guy. He’s in a great band made up of physicians. He is a brilliant and talented man who, through his oncology work, has brought many people in the Mooresville community hope and a longer life.

I don’t know that much about him beyond his incredible medical skills, but I know today when I learned he has cancer it pierced my heart to the very core. I know he is young, and that he has a family that adores him. And, at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center, there’s an entire staff of medical professionals who, though they deal with illness everyday, have to be reeling from such a devastating diagnosis.

We can’t offer Dr. Chaney and his friends and family much more than these words. But we figured it was the least we could do for a man who has given so much to so many. Including us.

Godspeed, Dr. Chaney.

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7 Responses to “When cancer hits home.”

  1. Snehal Rana Says:

    Art you will be missed! Many years ago while you were in residency in Houston at MD Anderson Cancer Center, I had the privilege of meeting you.

    Your hearty laugh, your encouraging words, and your view of life was tremendous! You could see past all barriers of race, sex, culture, and socioeconomic level. You always had a keen sixth sense of those around you (I imagine that this is what made you such a great young man!).

    I am just now discovering your passing. I hope that your final days were peaceful with your close family and friends.

    There are truly few men on earth that loved everyone like you. You truly are a great spirit that will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone whose life you touched!

    For your son, daughter, and wife, I want you to know as great as a doctor as Art was, he was easily the greatest man that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing in the short time that he blessed this earth! Hopefully, you can understand one day how great he truly was in such a short time.

  2. Mendy Jeter Says:

    We lost Art yesterday. He was a fantastic person in every aspect.

  3. Dr. Arthur Chaney « The Adams Group Blog Says:

    […] Arthur Chaney By Julie Turner This week we were devastated to learn Dr. Art Chaney, an incredibly kind and talented radiation oncologist at Lake Norman Regional in Mooresville, was […]

  4. Update on Dr. Chaney and Patient Social Media Use « The Adams Group Blog Says:

    […] Patient Social Media Use By Julie Turner I checked in on CaringBridge this morning to see how Dr. Chaney was doing and was happy to see this: Just wanted to send greetings from all of us and let you know […]

  5. Julie Says:

    Share love at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/weloveart

  6. Liz Tilt, MD Says:

    Godspeed, indeed.

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